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My Philosophy

My name is Mara Leibovici. For almost all my life I have been active with exercise, sports nutrition and looking for a healthier way of life to achieve a better lifestyle. I’m not just sporty and energetic , but I’m also proactive, enthusiastic, motivated , independent and love to help people . I have  a mantle power and the passion to bring people to success and happiness .

I enjoy to accompany people of different backgrounds and ages to achieve their personal fitness and health goals. For this I offer a balanced combination of exercise, healthy balanced diet and lifestyle. It allows to achieve a good quality of life and help reduce stress in humans.


My Education

  • ACE- Certified Personal Trainer National Council on Strength, Honolulu, Hawaii. USA
  • Holistic and Anti -Aging approach / American Academy  of Anti -Aging Florida USA
  • Diploma  LBA live blood analysis -orthomolecular  /Amsterdam.
  • Behandelprotocollen: Hormonen en vrouwenklachten. Hoofddorp-Amsterdam, 18 November 2016
  • Behandelprotocollen: Spijsvertering Maag Lever Darmen. Hoofdorp-Amsterdam, 7 December 2016
  • Detox specialist



  • Contest in NPC, West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Appeared on T.V. commercials ESPN.
  • Numerous catalog for fitness modelling Miami, Florida




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