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After we are going to perform your blood  and urine test we would be able to design individually your nutrition   and your workout programs according to your goals and life style.

How fit are you ?


live blood analyses test is a method to diagnose different elements in your blood :

  • leg of minerals and vitamin
  • Activity of immune system en allergies
  • Digesting of  nutrients
  • persisting of bacteria’s, parasites and fungus
  • Liver function Iba
  • colon toxic
  • Vital  fat amino
  • Stress in body and mind and breathing technique
  • Use of medication

Hormonal Profiling test

  • Urine test– PH urine ,protein and Glucose.
  • Fitness test—On the bike-  Vo2 ,body composition -BMI ,vet ,Muscle mass, Flexibility, core and strength test.

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