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Lezing over voeding, sport, fitness en anti-aging

Wat is voeding Hebben we vitamines, mineralen en proteïne shakes nodig? Hoe wordt onze voeding beïnvloed door de hormonenhuishouding Lichamelijke gezondheid tips!   Zaterdag 4 November vanaf 13:00 tot 14:30 (Nederlands) Zaterdag 18 November vanaf 13:00 tot 14:30 (Engels)   Inschrijving voor leden aan de balie. De kosten bedragen: voor leden € 8,- per [...]

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Deep breathing is the foundation of breath focus, which is quite simple to do. Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit or lie down. Start by noting the difference between breathing normally and breathing deeply. First take a normal breath. Now try a deep, slow breath. The air coming in through your nose should move [...]

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7 ways to improve your digestion

Nutrition news -By Dr. Ashley Weber DIGESTION - How’s your digestion? As a Naturopathic Doctor, this is a question I ask every patient. 

But when I dig a bit deeper, most people have some digestive complaints—constipation, bloating, gas, acid reflux, or nausea, just to name a few—and are embarrassed to talk about it. These [...]

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